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of Huntington, WV     founded August 2001  

 Songs Page      We meet every Tuesday 7pm-9 pm at Gino's Pub, 25th st and 5th ave,  EVERYONE welcome   


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Straight Harp Tabs
80% of the time we play 20% of these tunes but only half right

Battle Hymn of the Republic
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Billy Richardson's Last Ride
Black Magic Woman tabs, chords, & words
Boil Them Cabbage Down
Camptown Races
Down in the Valley
Frankie and Johny
Gimme Three Steps
Have You Ever Seen the Rain
I'll Fly Away
I'm So Lonesome I could Cry
In The Jailhouse Now ( tabs and chords )
Keep On the Sunnyside
King of the Road1926 by Cleburne C. Meeks.
Life is Like a Mountain Railway
Lorena ( tabs and chords )
Maggie ( tabs and chords )
Mountain Dew
Oh Suzanna
Piano Man
Please Release Me
Oh Suzanna
On Top of Old Smokey
Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet
Red River Valley
Rocky Top , CROSS HARP
Roll In My Sweet Baby Arm , CROSS HARP
Saints Go Marching In
Scarborough Fair
She'll be Coming roundthe Mountain
Streets of Loredo
Take Me Home Country Road
This Land is Your Land
The Blues Is My Business
The Happy Wanderer
Wabash Cannonballl
Waltzing Matilda ( tabs and chords )
West Virginia Hills ( tabs and chords )
When the Saints Go Marching In ( verse ,chorus and chords)
Wild Wood Flower
Wreck of Old 97
Wreck of Old #9
Yellow Rose of Texas
You are My Sunshine


Jingle Bells (low with bent note)
Jingle Bells (hi with no bent note)
Frosty the Snowman ( from
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (
When the Saints Go Marching In
Traditional Tune
Verse and Chourus
Interpretation by Jim Rumbaugh 2008
Guitar chords are written for Key of C
Any Key of Diatonic Harmonica can use these tabs.
I have seen other tabs that recommend a different melody. This is my interpretation of how I sing it.


5 -4      4   4 5    6        6      -5
I am [C] just a lone-some [F] trav'ller,   
-6 -6       6       5    4     5      -4
Go-ing [C]  Through this world of [G] sin;

5  -4 4        4   5   6    6       6    -5
And I Want [C] to join that pro [F] ces-sion,   

-6   -6      6      5      -4   -4      4
When the [C] saints go [G] marchin' [C] in.


4   5   -5        6     4   5   -5   6
Oh when those [C] Saints go march-in' in

 4   5    -5    6     5    4   5      -4
Oh when those Saints go march-in' [G] in

  5 -4      4   4  5  6   6        6  -5
Lord I [C] want to be in that [F] num-ber

  -6  -6     6    5         -4   -4      4
When the [C] Saints go [G] march-in' [C] in