The Harmonica Club

of Huntington, WV     founded August 2001 

Download a recording of one of our meetings and play along. 


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Gino's Pub 1-22-2013  Fist time for Tom Dobbins to do "Wrire Myself a Letter" and at the end an unrehearesd stab at "Honky Tonk Women" with good backup vocals/


Gino's Pub 11-27 2012   We do some Christmas Carols

Gino's Pub 10-30-2012  David Payne from Elk River Harmonicas visits and plays a few solos.

Gino's Pub 10-02-2012 Tuesday we had a first. Karen did Bill Wither's "Use Me". It came out good. It's different groove than what we have done in the past, so it should be a keeper. Allan Hatten was there for the first hour and added a lot of tastey licks to the tunes. I had fun on the first tune "Josephine". Allan and I traded licks, it was a nice exchange. Even Paula got a few in. It was off the cuff, but all-right.

Gino's Pub 9-25-2012   Here's the recording from Tuesday 9-25-2012. Paula Stewart called all the tunes and lead the group. She had an enjoyable banter that lead one song to the next. It had the feel of an organized show. It put a smile on everyone's face. She made sure everyone had a chance to perform and that there was a good variety of music. There's a good chance we may have a monthly "Paula's Night"

Gino's Pub 9-18-2012  Gino's Pub with Chris Sutton and Mike Lyzenga. Surprise closing song of Watchtower

Gino's Pub 9-04-2012 Darrell Brown was in the house to do some great traditional playing.

Gino's Pub 8-22-2012 A fine Tuesday night recording. Brian Salters and Allan Hatten were there to add to the blowing. Katona sang Summertime for the first time. Mike Murrell came out of the country to join us. It was a night of all blues tunes, with a brief review of the Harmonica Quadrathlon tunes near the end

Gino's Pub 8-07-2012    Tom Cannon's"whammy night" (if you weren't there, you gotta listen to understand) Barbara James first time to do Ray Charles' "You Don't Know Me"

Gino's Pub 7-24-2012  Here's the recording from Tuesday. There was a lot of energy in the air. The opening tune is "Cluck Old Hen", something we picked up at Augusta Blues Week from Grant Dermody. Allan Hatten is back in town and stopped by to play on a few tunes. We also did Suzy Q for the first time in YEARS.

Gino's Pub 7-03-2012

Gino's Pub 6-26-2012  

Gino's Pub 6-19-2012  A few new tunes from Tuesday. Barbara James did a rocking job of "I Hear You Knockin". Later Karen Combs did an original slow blues called "Bad Dog"

Gino's Pub 6-05-2012  Very good Tuesday night. David Payne visited for the first time. Then at 8, Allan Hatten came for his first time to The Pub. Bill sat in on the drums while Brent was doing work at his church. There are some wonderful harp licks in there, so give it a listen. You'll also hear Grace Kaun sing 2 tunes.

Gino's Pub 5-22-2012  Tuesday night went smooth, even though Tom Cannon and Karen Combs were missing. Allen Loudin and Katona were there to fill the guitar parts. Lenny Poage brought a beginner friend named Danny Duncan. Danny did a FINE job on the 5 minute lesson. Chris Sutton played the first 2 songs of the 2nd set. His rendition of "Ain't Nobody's Buisness If I Do" was more than a simple 1-4-5- progression. Even Brian Salters made an appearance. Overall, we had a good mix and a good crew.

Gino's Pub 5-01-2012  Lenny Pooge took the 5 minute lesson, and did a good job. We hope to see him again. Towards the end, we had at least one or two enthusiastic people watching and giving hoops and hollers at the end of tunes

Gino's Pub 4-24-2012  A smooth Tuesday night. A nice recording. We had Bill sit in as a guest drummer. We did our first take on the tune Minnie the Moocher

Gino's Pub 4-17-2012  Tuesday 4-17-2012 felt like a party,  It felt like MY BIRTHDAY party. I was honored with a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies from Tom Cannon (well actually, his wife made them) There was also a small chocolate cake and a pint of ice cream. Add the pizza and drinks, there was nothing else a guy could ask for.  We had a good crew show up.  We even had Chris Sutton and Brian Salters there to perform a few tunes

Gino's Pub 4-3-2012   We got the band back together. Barbara James was back, this time being lead by her new 4 legged 2 year old friend named Tessa. All the ladies of the club were there. Even Brian Salters was there for a few tunes. We even had a second Tom Cannon play drums. This second Tom's full name is Tom Cannon Berry. It was an upbeat evening of music.

Gino's Pub 3-28-2012    Tuesday was good. Tom has a new Elvis song. "Don't Be Cruel"

Gino's Pub 3-13-2012 Another good time at The Pub. Due to a game at 9:15 we lost 15 minutes of fun. We stopped at 8:30, but played straight through, non-stop. Katona did 2 songs, so did Karen. Tom sang Big Bossman

Gino's Pub 3-06-2012 Fun time, Wednesday night. Lot's of people got to sing and make music. Here's the recording. My guest Stacey, from Iowa, took the 5 minute lesson

Gino's Pub 2-28-2012 Here's the recording from Tuesday at Gino's Pub. We tried a few new things, but by Saturday, I've forgotten what they were. But I had a good time and so did the rest of the crew

Gino's Pub 2-07-2012  Good news and bad news. The good news is, here's a recording from Tuesday Feb 7th, The bad news I just listened and I HAVE TO delete some of it. Barbara James' Swanee Boogie was great until I tried to play along. I'm going to edit and re-load to spare other people a waste of time

Gino's Pub 1-24-2012 24-2012 Kate sings her song, Karen sings Roll the Dice, Grace sings

Gino's Pub 1-17-2012 Nice evening with a 10 year old boy named Nate Goodwin coming with his Grandmother to watch the Club. He got some instruction and we played some songs in the key of D for him to follow. Al (one of the founding fathers of the group) was there, he is turning 93 soon and still playing. We did some songs that we had not performed before and some that maybe only once or twice, some may be keepers, who knows.Karen sang a few tunes. Kate also sang a tune for the first time in a long time.

Gino's Pub 1-10-2012

Gino's Pub 1-02-2012


Adam Gussow at Gino's Pub 12-29-2011 Adam Gussow was coming through town, so we snagged him to play along with us a teach ua a few tricks. It was a Christmas present to ourselves.

Gino's Pub 8-16-2011
Pullman Square 8-9-2011
Gino's Pub 7-5-2011
Gino's Pub 6-28-2011
Gino's Pub 6-21-2011 Barbara James starts piano
Pullman Square 6-14-2011 
Gino's Pub 6-07-2011
Gino's Pub 5-31-2011   First tiGino's Pub 8-16-201me as new home
Tom Cannon plays guitar with Club 5-31-2011

Beginning of Gino's Pub 25th st & 5th ave.

looking for home
Fredrick Hotel Lobby 5-17-2011  
Hunitngton Kitchen 05-03-2011  
Gino's Pub 4-26-2011 looking for new home
looking for a home

The Last Java Joint 4-12-2011
Java Joint 3-29-2011 3 different ladies sing

The Java Joint 3-8-2011  (no drums) but an Iphone solo

Toni Crozier made an appearance 3-1-2011,Tuesday night. It was good to see and hear Toni again. He sang and played "Crossroads" and "Can't You See".

Toni Crozier made an appearance Tuesday night. It was good to see and hear Toni again. He sang and played "Crossroads" and "Can't You See".

Tony plays harp

The Java Joint 3-1-2011 with Tony Crozier

Java Joint 2-8-2011 with Chriss Sutton and Grace Kahn

Java Joint 2-1-2011 with Allan Hatten & Eddi Blue

Collection of Allan Hatten Solos 2-1-2011

Java Joint 1-25-2011

Java Joint 1-18-2011 

Java Joint 1-18-2011 part 2


Java Joint 12-28-2010

Java Joint 9-27-2010

Java Joint 9-07-2010

Java Joint 8-17-2010

Java Joint 8-03-2010

Java Joint 6-22-2010

Java Joint 6-15-2010

Java Joint 6-01-2010

Java Joint 4-06-2010

Java Joint 3-30-2010

Java Joint 3-23-2010

Java Joint 3-16-2010

Java Joint 3-09-2010

Java Joint 3-02-2010

Java Joint 2-23-2010

Java Joint 3-16-2010

Java Joint 2-09b-2010

Java Joint 2-02-2010

Java Joint 1-26-2010

Java Joint 1-12-2010


Jim Cardin plays guitar and sings, Brian Salters sings his tune, Ray sings a verse and chorus 10-6-2009

Java Joint 10-6-2009 no bass 

Java Joint 9-15-2009 no drum  

Pullman Square 9-8-2009 with Rick Ruggles

Java Joint 9-1-2009 new tune It Don't Work Like That

Java Joint 8-25-2009  Brian Salters sings

Java Joint 8-4-2009 

Pullman Square 7-7-2009 

Java Joint 6-2-2009 

Java Joint 5-26-2009 

Java Joint 5-5-2009 

Java Joint 4-28-2009 

Java Joint 4-21-2009 

Java Joint 4-10-2009 

Java Joint 3-31-2009 

Java Joint 3-17-2009 

Java Joint 3-10-2009 

Java Joint 3-3-2009

Java Joint 2-24-2009 

Java Joint 2-17-2009 House Rising Sun

Java Joint 2-10-2009 Brent's orig tune

Java Joint 2-03-2009

Java Joint 1-20-2009

Java Joint 1-13-2009


Java Joint 11-25-2008

Java Joint 9-30-2008

Java Joint 8-19-2008Java Joint 3-23-2010

Pullman Square 8-12-2008
Happy Wonderer
Freight Trian / Wreck of Old 97 medley
HEAR Big Boss Man

You Are My Sunshine

Camptown Races

Dust My Broom

Sweet Home Chicago with NO HARP
Sweet Home Chicago Java Joint 8-4-2009 
Wild Wood Flower
1-8-2008 Java Joint Killer plays 2 songs 


12-18-2007 Java Joint some Christmas tunes
Java Joint 12-4-2007 Seven Singers
11-13-2007 Java Joint Cross Harp and Christmas
11-13-2007 Java Joint Straight Harp
11-6-2007 Java Joint
10-16-2007 Java Joint
10-2-2007 Java Joint
9-25-2007 Java Joint
9-18 2007 Java Joint
9-04-2007 Java Joint second half with Toni Crozier
9-04-2007 Java Joint first half
8-28-2007 Java Joint  with Brian Salters

8-21-2007 Java Joint 10 straight tunes in a row
8-14-2007 Pullman Square
Aug 7 2007 Java Joint
July 31 2007 with Brian,Mark and Rick
Contestant 1
Contestant 2
Contestant 3
Contestant 4Java Joint
Contestant 5   3rd Place
Contestant 6
Contestant 7   1st Place
Contestant 8
Contestant 9   2nd Place
Jam Session after Championship
May 29 2007 with Brian and Michael Salters
April 17 2007
April 10 2007
April 4 2007
March 27 2007 with Brian Salters
March 13 2007
March 6 2007


Java Joint 9-06-2005 oldest Java Joint recording

Hillbilly Hotdogs 8-23-2005 with Toni Crosier singing can't you see.

Hillbilly Hotdogs 8-16-2005 cross harp session

Hill Top Festival 2005

The Hilltop Festival was held by The Huntington Museum of Art. At this event Paula Stewart and Jane Montsinger took our "5 Minute Harmonica Lesson" and later started playing the harmonica.
What you'll need.

Mostly a harp in C.
We also use A ,G, F, D

We try to keep it simple.
We are NOT professionals.
You will hear traditional and straight harp, and a lot of blues, rock tunes. Java Joint 3-23-2010