The Harmonica Club

of Huntington, WV     founded August 2001 

Rules for The West Virginia State Harmonica Championship


The WV Harmonica Championship

RULES for The WV Stat Championship
(rules for the Quadrathlon are below)

The basic idea is that you have 5 minutes to do 2 songs

1.) EVERYONE, Pro or Amateur, is allowed to compete in this contest. The only entry requirement is that contestants must be able to play at least one recognizable melody on a harmonica. It can be either style of harmonica - diatonic or chromatic, and ANY tuning like minor or tremolo. Any brand or type of harmonica is permitted

2.) Each contestant will have 5 minutes in which to perform at least one recognizable melody along with whatever else the contestant feels will best demonstrate his/her harmonica playing skills. Contestants will be stopped when 5 minutes has passed. This may affect the points earned for your presentation. There are no deductions or penalties for performances lasting less than 5 minutes.

3.) A panel of judges will judge contest. You will be judged on in 3 categories.
I) technical proficiency/difficulty of piece, 40 percent of score
II) Artistic expression/originality, 40 percent of score
III) stage presence, 20 percent of score

4.) ANY type of music is permitted. NO PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO ANY ONE GENRE OF MUSIC. Gospel and folk players stand just as much chance at winning as do blues and rock players.

5.) Contestants must use only the sound equipment provided. No extra equipment may be used - just a contestant and his/her harmonica.

6.) No recorded music may be used.

7.) You may be accompanied by one other non-harmonica and non-amplified musician. Example acoustic guitar, accordion, or drummer

8.) The judge’s decisions are final

Rules for the Harmonica Quadrathlon

Up to 5 people will get to take turns playing a solo during 4 songs. The songs will be played and sung by The Harmonica Club of Huntington. The solos will be one verse long. Each song will feature all the players, each playing one solo. After all for songs have been performed, the judges will choose one Grand Champion.

The players will be selected from the players in the WV State Championship. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners get the first privelege to be part of the Quadrathlon. The judges may select other players from the competion, up to 5 total.

Below are links to practice songs for the 2012 Quadrathlon. The arrangment of the tune played at the event may vary.

Wreck of Old 97 in C with "Freight Train" intro

Dust My Broom in G, (blues tune)

Summer Time jam track in A minor via Band in a Box

Have You Ever Seen the Rain in G (major scale tune)

To sign up,

or mail your name and contact info to :

Harmonica Club
c/o Jim Rumbaugh
722 22nd street west
Huntington, WV 25704